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"I would like to refine my soft skills and business acumen, to expand my network and be inspired by people with different backgrounds and experiences."
By Stephanie CHOW


Stephanie CHOW (Australia)
Class of 2022
Pre-MBA: Manager, Group Corporate Transactions, AIA Company Limited

1. About Stephanie

Hi, my name is Stephanie Chow. I was born in Australia and raised in Hong Kong. I graduated from the University of New South Wales in Australia, with a Bachelor of Commerce (major in Actuarial Studies and Financial Economics), and was honored to be awarded a Co-op scholarship in Actuarial Studies during my undergraduate studies.

As for my professional background, I am an actuary and have worked in both Australia and Hong Kong, at a number of insurers and consulting firms. Currently, I am planning to make a career change into the Corporate Social Responsibility field.

Having grown up in a big family, I am always curious about the different stories that make people who they are. I love traveling as I love to explore new places and try new things.

I look forward to more adventures and new friendships with this MBA experience!

Travelling for New Inspirations - Stephanie watching the spectacular sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar

2. Why did you decide to do an MBA? How has the MBA helped you in transiting your career goal?

I have been living in Hong Kong for several years and call it my second home. Hong Kong offers tremendous opportunities for business, cultural and personal development, understanding global trends, and meeting forward-thinking people.

Having worked in the life insurance industry, I am familiar with the concept of insurers providing support to people during times of need. However, I realized that I wanted to take a step further and make a direct scaled impact by helping companies execute their social responsibilities.


Care for Community - As one of the organizers for Christmas Donation Drive in the Society for the Relief of Disabled Children, Stephanie (left) brought over toys to a children’s hospital with her colleagues.

In making this transition from a technical actuarial role, I would like to refine my soft skills and business acumen, to expand my network and be inspired by people with different backgrounds and experiences. I have thus decided to dedicate some time to fully invest in self-development through an MBA program to achieve this.

3. Why the HKUST MBA? What is it about the MBA Program that you love?

Despite recent challenges experienced across the city, I am keen to stay in Hong Kong, where HKUST has the top MBA program.

Aside from the remarkable curriculum and rankings, I was most impressed by the people I have met from the HKUST MBA community. From the Marketing and Admissions team to alumni and current students, everyone has been very helpful and passionate about the program. I remember talking to some students at Open House last year and thinking to myself – I really like this vibe; I want to be just like them one day!

4. Give three words that describe how you feel about joining the HKUST MBA family

Excited, honored and grateful


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