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Can You Survive the Future of Business?

Technological breakthroughs in AI, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT and Fintech are reshaping the way we do business. To remain competitive in the future, you need to know how to harness the power of technology for business.

HKUST MBA from Hong Kong will grant you the business acumen, digital competencies and leadership prowess within both global and Asian contexts to survive, and thrive, in tomorrow's workplace. At the same time, you will earn the world no. 18 MBA degree ranked by Financial Times* and develop a truly global resume with a unqiue experience in Asia—the world's fastest growing market.

The HKUST MBA Distinction

Where Business Meets Technology

Our new Business Technology & Analytics Track featuring courses on AI, Big Data, Blockchain and Fintech will offer you the most in-demand knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the competition and meet tomorrow's greatest challenges.


Diversity is in Our DNA

Ranked world #8 for international experience*, HKUST MBA offers a class of 100 with 20-30 nationalities represented, 60+ exchange schools, e.g. LBS, Columbia, NYU, Berkeley, Kellogg, Cornell, etc., and global electives that take you to different parts of the world.


Learn from the Best

In addition to academic faculty whose research is ranked Asia #1*, you will learn from our industry faculty which includes the former Executive Director of Dow Jones and Reuters, former Chief Marketing Officer of IBM and former President of WalMart China.


Integrate Theory with Practice

Our curriculum is designed to give you not just well-rounded business knowledge, but also the means to apply it by sharpening your professional skills in leadership, negotiation, presentation, decision making, change management, etc. 


Return on Investment

You will gain what a 2-year MBA offers in just 12 or 16 months at a much lower cost than other top programs. The 16-month option includes both internship and exchange opportunities. Even after the MBA, you can continue to join elective classes as an alumnus.

*Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2019

Quick Facts

World's Top 20 MBA

Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2010-2019

World #6 in Career Progress

Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2019

90% Work in Asia after MBA

HKUST MBA Employment Results 2018

72% Switched Job Functions

HKUST MBA Employment Results 2018

Career Success Story

With experience in the Israeli military and law, Zac Abrahami, like many of his classmates from all over the world, was drawn to HKUST MBA due to the booming opportunities in Asia. The MBA has completely transformed his life, leading him to make a triple career jump—a change of role, industry, ad location at the same time... Read Full Story

Study in Hong Kong
  • Global Business Hub in Asia - a natural choice for multinational corporations’ regional headquarters and one of the top 3 financial centres in the world, offering an excellent exposure to global business
  • Foreigner Friendly - English is widely used and an open employment policy means that you can explore different career opportunities without worrying about work visa issues
  • A Top Study Destination - One of the most energetic and dynamic cities in the world, Hong Kong boasts excellent infrastructure, healthcare and transportation systems and a 24/7 character so you will never be bored

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