The Future of Education

⬡ A redesigned learning experience which provides a new layer of interactivity empowered by technology so that you can study more efficiently.

Blended Learning

Our MBA cores and courses that are more lecture-based are delivered in a blended learning mode with 50% of online self-paced study and 50% of interactive virtual classes. 

Better Use of Your Time

Go through course contents whenever you are free and commit less time to regular class sessions so you have more time for yourself.

Control Your Learning Pace

Find a particular subject area too easy or difficult? Now you can control your learning speed and don't need to wait for / keep up with others.

Interactive Classes

By converting one-way lectures into short online videos, classes can now be fully devoted to presentations, meaningful discussions, and exchange of ideas.

Do you know?

MBA courses that are more driven by case studies and discussions will be delivered in a 100% virtual class format for a fully interactive experience.

Asia's First Virtual Classroom

Live classes are conducted in our brand new virtual classroom specially built for DiMBA to offer you an immersive learning experience comparable to that of a physical classroom.

A 360-Degree Perspective

Switch between multiple camera angles to get a full view of the classroom with your professor and classmates always within your sight.

Everyone Participates

Share your view in live polls, MCs and quizzes and view the responses of all your classmates to learn from their diverse perspectives. 

Excel in the Digital Workspace

Communicate and work with your classmates via direct chat and breakout room functions and master the art of digital leadership and teamwork. 

Our brand new virtual classroom allows professors to interact with students in a setting similar to a physical classroom. 
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