Program Schedule

⬡ You will complete the DiMBA program in two years and are only required to be physically present in the first and last weeks of the program. 


⬡ The standard DiMBA program duration is 24 months. In case you need to take a break from the MBA program, you can apply for study leave with justifications. As long as you complete the entire program within 5 years, you will be able to graduate from HKUST.

Program Commencement

⬡ HKUST Campus Week

MBA Accelerators
Experiential Leadership Program
Professional Empowerment Series
MBA Networking Events

Year One
Spring (Mar - May)

⬡ 3 Courses

MBA Core / Flexible Core 

Summer (Jun - Aug)

⬡ 2 Courses

Flexible Core

Fall (Sep - Dec)

⬡ 5 Courses

MBA Core / Flexible Core

Winter (Jan)

⬡ 1 Course

Flexible Core

Year Two
Spring (Feb - May)

⬡ 4 Courses

MBA Core/ Flexible Core / Elective

Summer (Jun - Aug)

⬡ 1 Course


Fall (Sep - Dec)

⬡ 4 Courses + Global Immersion Program

Elective /
Credit-bearing Study Tour /
Networking Events /
Career & Professional Development Courses

The above schedule is for reference only. The actual plan may be subject to change and differ from student to student. 

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