4 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Online MBA

Online MBAs these days may no longer be what you think they are.

1. Even the best universities are offering online degrees

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed universities around the world to focus more on virtual learning. In the past, most online degrees are distance learning options offered by lesser-known institutions. But with more top global universities rushing to join the trend, the recognition and quality of online degrees are being greatly elevated.

HKUST is the first in Asia among Financial Times' global top 25 MBAs* to offer an online learning mode. Our Digital MBA students will be able to receive the same degree certificate as their full-time and part-time (face-to-face) MBA peers. 

HKUST MBA has been ranked in the global top 25 for 14 consecutive years
by Financial Times*

2. Without compromising your personal, family and work priorities

Doing an on-campus part-time MBA requires you to twist your work schedule around your study and leave little time for yourself, your family and even vacations throughout the two years. You won't be able to explore better job opportunities elsewhere or relocate to another city without terminating your study.

By having virtual classes, you can continue your MBA study no matter where you are or will be. Without the need to commute to campus every week, you can also save more time for you and your close ones. 

3. Networking and interacting with your peers

Online MBAs offered by top schools usually include campus weeks for students to network with their classmates in-person and the same amount of team projects and group presentations in the courses as the face-to-face version. The difference is students will see their professors and classmates on screen instead of physically next to them.

At HKUST, we are also building Asia's first virtual classroom to offer our online students a learning experience comparable to that of a physical classroom. By working with each other virtually through the latest technology, students can sharpen their digital leadership and teamwork skills which are essential to succeed in tomorrow's workplace.

Our virtual classroom is designed to offer an immersive learning experience for students.

4. More course options for students and alumni

By eliminating geographical boundaries, it becomes much easier for schools to share courses with each other.  Online students will be able to take courses at other schools without physically travelling there and putting their jobs at risk. Since each school has its own strengths and market expertise, students will be able to benefit from the diverse perspectives and insights.

Through our continuous learning initiative, graduates of HKUST Digital MBA program can join our Annual Virtual Homecoming Day to refresh their business knowledge and upgrade their skills. 

We are now recruiting students for the next DiMBA intake which starts in Feb 2022. Download our brochure or sign up for our virtual info session to learn more about our program.
HKUST Business School

⬡ Top 25 MBA in the World for 14 Consecutive Years by Financial Times*

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