Admissions Requirement

Applicants for the HKUST MBA Program need to fulfill below academic requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • Satisfactory GMAT / GRE score;
  • Minimum of 2 years’ full-time work experience after graduating from your first degree;
  • Good TOEFL/IELTS academic results if English was not the first language of instruction of your undergraduate/postgraduate course

School codes for admissions tests:

  • 1. HKUST code number for GMAT: 7357
        Full-time MBA program code: PRW-WT-99
  • 2. HKUST code number for GRE: 3834 (department code 4201) 
  • 3. HKUST code number for TOEFL: 0170-01 (do not need to select department)

We recognize the importance of recruiting a diverse group of students who will both benefit from and contribute to the HKUST MBA program. Rather than select candidates based on a checklist of eligible criteria, we consider how they will interact with each other as a group, how the program matches their individual needs and objectives, and how they envision contributing to their class and the program. For other requirements, please refer to Online Application for more details.

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