Enrichment Events

Alumni Nights

These cozy events cater to various interests and allow attendees to share their passions. The comfortable atmosphere facilitates development of meaningful personal connections.

Private music appreciation and mingling event

Alumni Insights Panels

From time to time, experienced executives and alumni leaders from a wide range of industries are invited to share their perspectives and insights on various topics and to exchange ideas with the MBA community.

The “Hello Alumni” monthly sharing series is being introduced in Fall 2020, after the pandemic, to provide an additional opportunity for knowledge exchange among the HKUST MBA community.

Alumni at the forefront of industry share their knowledge and insights on trending topics

Alumni Sit-in

The rewarding experience of an HKUST MBA occurs not only during your study but spans your entire life. Even after graduation, you can participate in selected lifelong learning elective courses and refresh your knowledge for a reasonable course fee.

Alumni Audit offers life-long learning opportunities to MBA graduates

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