HKUST is a dynamic and forward-thinking University that embraces a truly global outlook and an innovative spirit. Founded in 1991, we have rapidly established ourselves as a top global institution and built a respectable reputation in the region by aligning our world-class educational resources with the growth momentum of Asia. The University has developed a unique East-West educational ethos centered on the core values of excellence, diversity, open-minded curiosity and an upbeat “can do” spirit. As the leading Global Business School in the region, our vision and ambitions distinguish us from the rest.

One of the Most Flexible Curricula in Asia.

The HKUST MBA is one of the most flexible and practical curricula in Asia.  Career-driven core courses and a wide selection of 60+ flexible cores and electives are organized on five career tracks. A total of 52 credits will be completed through a carefully designed curriculum.  Choose between two study durations, be ready to tailor-make your own and personalized MBA learning journey.  

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Business Technology for All Leaders.

Technological breakthroughs in AI, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, and Fintech are reshaping the way we do business. Many business operations are becoming automated, and business decisions are now made based on massive data. As one of our five career tracks, the Business Technology and Analytics track will provide you with digital competencies that distinguish great managers from the rest.

The content is carefully designed to cater to different needs and capabilities of professionals from all backgrounds.

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Practical and Most in-demand MBA tracks.

Learn the most in-demand skills and be prepared to lead in the new norm. Courses are aligned with 5 career concentrations enabling you to uniquely tailor your skill set according to your own career aspiration.

Optimize your MBA study by meeting your Academic Advisor and Career Coach respectively for personalized MBA advices throughout your study.

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Rise up in the Asian century.

An international business hub and a natural choice for multinational corporations’ regional headquarters, Hong Kong offers excellent exposure to global business within an Asian context.

Strategically located in the heart of Asia and less than a five-hour flight away from half of the world’s population.

Non-local full-time graduates can apply for IANG Visa which allows them to stay and work in Hong Kong after their graduation.

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work in Asia
after graduation
Be inspired by the best minds.

It takes the best teachers to bring out the best in a student. Our esteemed faculty boasts some of the best scholars from prestigious global institutions as well as business leaders from Fortune 500 companies. They are all eager to share their valuable insights and practical real-life business experience with you to provide a springboard for your career success. With one of the smallest class sizes among the top global MBA programs, you can be sure to benefit from high-quality interaction with our faculty members.

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Phillip Bonarigo

United States, Class of 2020
Pre-MBA: Founder & Principal Consultant, Bon Hao Consulting

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