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5 Exciting MBA Jobs In Hong Kong Right Now

From tech startup opportunities to leading digital transformation, these are the top five MBA jobs in Hong Kong right now

1. Sustainbility Consulting

The Hong Kong government wants to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and more businesses are prioritizing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, triggering increased demand for ESG and sustainability consultants in Hong Kong. 

Big Three consulting firm McKinsey, for example, launched McKinsey Sustainability last year, a client-service platform focused on helping businesses achieve their climate goals. With offices in Hong Kong, McKinsey is looking for new talent to specialize in sustainability consultancy. 

Speaking in a recent BusinessBecause webinar—Jobs in Hong Kong: What You Need to Know—delivered in partnership with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Business School, MBA grad Varun Sood (pictured) explains how he’s taken advantage of Hong Kong’s drive towards sustainability goals. 

After his MBA at HKUST, he launched a career at PwC as a senior associate within climate and sustainability. 

PwC has one of the biggest teams for sustainability consultancy in Hong Kong, which Varun says was a motivating factor for joining the global firm. In the HKUST MBA, Varun studied courses including sustainability as a competitive advantage and ESG investing. 

“Studying these topics gave me relevant and practical experience and I learned things that I apply in my job every day,” by Varun Sood, Full-time MBA — Class 2021. 

2. Project management, digital sector

Companies in Hong Kong are embracing digital technologies to keep up with the ever-changing business landscape and they’re on the lookout for new hires who can help enhance business productivity using new tech.

“Businesses are looking for people to manage projects and become the bridge between the technical and business teams, building strategy to push for digitization,” explains Christopher Yip (pictured), senior consultant for MBA career and alumni development at HKUST. With HKUST’s focus on business and technology, MBA students are well-equipped to offer this expertise, Christopher believes.

The HKUST MBA offers courses in Technology Entrepreneurship, Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence, and Strategic Management, preparing students to enter fast-paced careers within digital and project management. 

3. Investment banking & Wealth management

Investment banking and wealth management divisions across the Asia-Pacific are continuously expanding.

The HKUST MBA provides a series of intensive courses led by internal and external trainers, preparing MBAs to enter top finance jobs across areas like project management, investment banking, insurance, and accounting.

With advantages to living in Hong Kong including legislation that favors free trade and a strong capital inflow particularly due to the proximity with Mainland China, the city is a great place to kickstart your finance career.

4. Regtech startup jobs

The burgeoning regulatory technology, or regtech, sector is predicted to be worth $55 billion by 2025, making it an attractive career route for MBA grads.

Regulation technology startups are devising ways to use computer programs and other technology to help banking and financial companies improve and manage compliance with government regulations.

“With regulation limiting the development of cryptocurrency, startups are building regtech solutions and hiring MBA graduates for these roles. Hong Kong has become a base close to mainland China to develop digital-asset businesses,” explains Christopher. 

Business schools like HKUST provide career coaching services to help students pinpoint the skills demanded in these emerging sectors. 

“The career coaches help break down your options, providing students with a better understanding of what the job market is like at the time and of Hong Kong as a city,” Varun notes. 

5. MBA jobs in mult-national companies

While finance is typically the most popular career path for MBA graduates in Hong Kong, Christopher says many HKUST MBA students pursue roles across a range of industries, including energy management and healthcare, within multinational companies.

“Due to the huge international student base at HKUST, multinational companies have been drawn to HKUST graduates as the international backgrounds of talent are an asset to the companies,” says Christopher. 

“Many businesses are developing new programs to expand regional business and hiring MBAs to manage this and their marketing strategies.” 

89% of HKUST MBA students are from outside Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, the growth of new industries and focus on sustainability and digitalization is creating exciting new job opportunities for MBAs from across the world. 

This, Christopher says, makes now the perfect time to take advantage of all that Hong Kong has to offer.

Source: BusinessBecause

“Studying these topics gave me relevant and practical experience and I learned things that I apply in my job every day,” by Varun Sood.

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Why Do An Accelerated MBA? 5 Key Benefits

“Some people would say an MBA can’t future-proof you, but I would argue it provides means to future-proof yourself.” by Sagar Sethi


Sagar Sethi (India)
Intake 2020
Full-time MBA—Intake 2020


1. Accelerated MBA students spend less time out of the workforce

Studying an MBA can take your career to the next level. But to do so, you’ll need to take time out of the workforce.

One advantage of an Accelerated MBA is that it can be completed in 12 months, rather than the two years that many conventional programs require. This makes accelerated programs a good option for students who have above average work experience, know their career goals up-front, and want to meet them as soon as possible.

When Sagar applied to the HKUST MBA and opted to accelerate his studies, he already had six years’ experience, working through Unilever’s rotational program in his home country of India.

He’d always planned to complete an MBA as a way to explore new functions and geographies, while future-proofing his career.

“Some people would say an MBA can’t future-proof you, but I would argue it provides means to future-proof yourself,” he reflects.


2. An accelerated MBA can support your job search

If you have clear goals going into the program, an Accelerated MBA can make the process quicker.

During his Accelerated MBA at HKUST, for instance, Sagar was able to take some of his courses early so he could start a new job before the program’s official end date.

“The main advantage of pursuing the accelerated program for me was that it gave me the flexibility to join a full-time job sooner,” Sagar explains.

“It helped me pitch for jobs better because I could join the firms a lot sooner than other students.”


3. You can complete an internship alongside your Accelerated MBA

Although full-time summer internships are off the cards for Accelerated MBA students, you don’t have to miss out on the internship experience altogether.

At HKUST, Sagar was able to balance a part-time internship in supply chain with multinational chemicals company, BASF, alongside his studies for five months. 

Sagar managed to turn the internship with BASF into a full-time position. His current role, supply chain strategy and controlling program manager, involves developing supply chain strategies including potential customer collaboration.

“The opportunity at BASF allows me to step outside my comfort zone to take up more commercial responsibilities,” he says.

Sagar believes that the MBA set him up for success, and that an accelerated version can be a great option in the right circumstances.

“If someone is coming in with more work experience and has very clear post-MBA goals, they may feel comfortable pursuing the accelerated program,” Sagar concludes.


4. You’ll cover the same business fundamentals faster

During an Accelerated MBA, you’ll cover the same topics you would in a conventional two year program. From strategy, to marketing, to corporate finance, to organizational behavior, you’ll study the pillars of business and develop a more holistic understanding.

Some Accelerated MBAs even allow you to specialize in an area of business that interests you. At HKUST, students in both the Accelerated and 16-month MBA can choose between five career tracks: consulting and strategic management, business technology and analytics, finance, sustainable leadership, or marketing. 

However, students in this program do forgo the opportunity to study abroad at one of HKUST’s partner schools.


 5. An Accelerated MBA will teach you to multitask

Completing an MBA in less than a year is a real challenge, and a great way to practice your time management and multitasking skills.

For Sagar, this meant balancing his studies with networking and career development. To incoming MBAs, he recommends setting yourself a realistic GPA target that gives you enough breathing room to find a post-MBA job at the same time.

“I sometimes found it hard to maintain the balance, but then multitasking is the name of the game,” Sagar reflects. 

The ability to juggle several priorities is important for long-term career success, and having completed an Accelerated MBA proves you’ve mastered this skill.

Source: BusinessBecause


“Some people would say an MBA can’t future-proof you, but I would argue it provides means to future-proof yourself.” by Sagar Sethi

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