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The Value of Attending HKUST MBA Networking Events – Ameya Pandit

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 “The value of attending HKUST MBA networking events” by Ameya PANDIT


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Ameya PANDIT (India)
Class of 2020 
Pre-MBA: Consultant, Takshashila Consulting
MBA Internship:
1) Strategic Planning Intern - APAC L'Oréal
2) MBA Intern - Competitive Intelligence & Strategy, Fung Group
Post-MBA: Programs and Analytics, Apple Inc.


1. Why did you choose the HKUST MBA program?

The HKUST MBA program forces you to step out of your comfort zone. You can explore the latest international business trends, apply up-to-date management tools and techniques, and challenge yourself to improve your business, teams, and collaboration. The program is also a great way to prepare for a changing business environment. The skillsets that you can develop and acquire here at HKUST provide the best tools for you to adapt to and keep up with the ever-changing industry trends and ways that people do business.

To achieve my near-term goal of working in business strategy with a focus in Asia, I knew that pursuing an MBA in Hong Kong would be critical. Studying in Hong Kong gave me invaluable opportunities to network and interact with corporate senior executives and find the right fit for my skills and experience. I was confident that my vibrant experience of living and working in Hong Kong and the world-class resources offered at HKUST would help me achieve my goals. That is why I chose the HKUST MBA!

Ameya (middle) presenting his group project with his teammates at an MBA class at HKUST


2. How was your experience as a HKUST MBA student?

The life of an MBA student at HKUST is full of classes, team work, assignments, and of course some great experiential learning. The semesters are designed to enable students to capitalize on the academic opportunities available to them while balancing extracurricular and work opportunities. As my goal was to complete the program in 12 months, I hoped to pursue a part-time internship to get a sense of what it is like to work in an international business environment. I was lucky enough to take up internship opportunities with the Fung Group and L’Oréal. This meant that in some weeks, my schedule was completely packed, forcing me to juggle my work and studies. In other weeks, however, I had the chance to explore the city, go out for drinks and squeeze in some sports. In hindsight, the HKUST MBA experience was one of the most enriching and memorable crossroads in my life so far.

Let’s get sporty! Ameya (in the back row) enjoying a football session with his MBA classmates


3. What was your most important takeaway from the program?

Located on the outskirts of the city, HKUST’s campus is as beautiful and pristine as an MBA student could hope for. Although I appreciated the tranquillity of the campus, I always made time to go to the city centre and attend as many MBA events as possible. HKUST’s specialised MBA events gave me just the right springboard for my career exploration. I am so grateful to have landed my dream job through the HKUST-Apple career talk. This was the perfect platform for me to connect with Apple’s recruitment team and share my career goals. My discussion with the recruitment team gave me the chance to take up a new role at Apple based on my goals and professional experience. That was when I realized the value of attending HKUST’s networking events, and what they can ultimately offer you. I am now six months into working with Apple’s Programs and Analytics team, and my success all boils down to the meaningful networking events in which I immersed myself.

I also want to add that my HKUST MBA experience has not just been academically enriching. Since the start of the program, I have also learned many valuable life lessons and received overwhelming support from the amazing people I have met. I could not have asked for a more fulfilling MBA experience.  


4. What’s your motto when dealing with challenges?  

Well, it’s quite simple: “accept, plan and overcome.” 

Experiential learning—Ameya (second from left) during a role-play activity with his classmates

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