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Just Do It. Break It into Manageable Parts And Deal with Them Piece by Piece. – Justin Po

Transform and Soar with HKUST MBA

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“Just do it. Break it into manageable parts and deal with them piece by piece.” by Justin PO


- Transform, Soar and Thrive -


Justin PO (Canada)
Class of 2021
Pre-MBA: Senior Associate (Data Analytics), PwC Canada


1. Why HKUST MBA to begin with?

I wanted to work in Hong Kong because it is an international hub and a gateway to Asia Pacific. I also knew I wanted to pursue an MBA to broaden my perspective. HKUST offered an amazing Asia-focused education, making it very appealing to me. I knew that HKUST would help me establish a great network with my classmates, professors, and alumni which are conducive to my career prospects.


2. How’s your experience with HKUST and life in HK so far?

My experience has been great so far. Even with the disruptions going on around the world, I have met many new friends and have learned a lot from them. My classmates and I have formed a very tight-knit group and we manage to make our MBA journey extremely fun. The MBA Office reacted very quickly to minimize disruption affecting my education. There are no delays at all. Outside of school, Hong Kong is very lively and the city never sleeps.

 Making social impact - Justin (third from right) at a Habitat for Humanity volunteering event with his classmates


3. Share with us your unique MBA experience 

The professors really stood out to me in this MBA. Going in, I was expecting MBA classes to be very similar to undergraduate classes - a group of students listening to the professor going through many slides for 3 hours. However, this isn't the case. Lectures are very discussion-oriented. Students share their experiences about certain topics, which make the classes very engaging. Some of the HKUST MBA professors are seasoned professionals with years of industry experience, making their lectures very relevant and applicable to the working world. There are also technology elements embedded in traditional business topics for some classes. This makes the whole learning experience more relevant as technology has become more and prominent in today's world.

The joy of learning - Justin (back with his hands high up) on the last day of Data Analysis class, finishing his first semester.


4. What’s your motto when dealing with challenges?

Just do it. Break it into manageable parts and deal with them piece by piece.


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