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Meet Our Scholarship Winners @ HKUST Full-time MBA

 “Due diligence is the actual kick-off of a good project, and the same applies to my MBA studies” by Roy Shi


Roy Shi (China)
Intake 2020
Jebsen Scholarship Winner
Full-time MBA


About our Intake 2020 Jebsen Scholarship Winner

Hello everyone! I’m Roy from China.

Before attending the full-time MBA program at HKUST, I had 4 years of work experience in the financial sector and I graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2015.

My first job after graduation is as an investment analyst on merger & acquisition transactions covering the pan-European area. After several years of practice, I started my buy-side career with a strong motivation to help start-ups deliver their potential in emerging industrial sectors. My main role is to identify promising investment opportunities within telecommunications and artificial intelligence and to provide advisory services for overseas transactions.



As an investment specialist, how did you analyze your “MBA investment”? What were the deciding factors for taking up an MBA at this stage?

Rather than seeing it as a fresh start, I considered my investment in the MBA program to be indispensable for my career advancement. Apart from the opportunity to exchange ideas with young professionals from different countries, my motivation to attend the program was a desire to sharpen and improve my existing skillsets, most importantly that of rising to a challenge. The 16-month immersive experience of MBA in HKUST life has played a pivotal role in my cultivation of a self-motivated working manner and curiosity in the face of the unknown.


Roy (far right) with his fellow HKUST MBA Finance Club members.


You were referred by a recent alumnus of the HKUST MBA. Are there any differences that you can share with us between your expectations of being in the program and actually taking part in it?

From the perspective of an investment professional, my investment motto is “due diligence is the actual kick-off of a good project,” and the same applies to my MBA studies. Before attending the HKUST MBA program, I presumed that the program would be more about providing an educational platform to improve one’s skillsets and business acumen. However, my first experiences at HKUST were actually influenced by the supportive, hospitable culture among the entire MBA community, in which like-minded people could collaborate and brainstorm with each other.

And for those who aim for a career switch post-MBA, HKUST provides a strong alumni network in which you can conveniently reach out for insights on industry frontlines; it is also a diversified channel in which you can leverage your understanding across different financial sectors and functions.


So far you have spent more than 4 months in the MBA program—can you describe your student life at HKUST/in Hong Kong in one word and explain why?

The key word of my first 4-month immersion has been “rethinking.” Apart from intensive academic study and social networking events, one of the most important merits of this 16-month MBA program is that it gives me the opportunity to reformulate my learning from previous work experience within an organized framework, which could become the starting point of my post-MBA journey. I believe that my stay at HKUST will greatly leverage my position within the competitive job market and deepen my understanding of the industry and the job that I want to get after graduation.

“The life journey starts when you turn questions into wonder and turn ideas into action. I am glad to have joined this [MBA] community, which gives me the opportunity to reset my life status.”


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