International Study Tours

Nothing beats first-hand experience when it comes to learning about different markets and cultures. Our study tours allow you to learn from companies from different parts of the world such as the US, Russia, India and Israel. Local company visits, management talks, networking events and cultural experience sessions with local executives will be arranged to enable you to gauge the market situation up close and gain experience-based market insights. Here are a few of our recent field trips:

United States – Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area
Topic: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Company visits: Google
Stanford University
Founders Space
Bloom Energy
Nordic Innovation House

Topic: One Belt, One Road Initiative
Company visits: Mobile TeleSystems
Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange




Offerings and arrangements of international study tours are subject to availability.

Life in the HKUST MBA program is not just about studying - it is also a journey of self-exploration. A typical week for a student will be packed with professional and social activities such as interviews, internships, business competitions, networking, and city adventures.

The MBA experience pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me confidence in tackling future challenges. Nine months after I started my MBA, I landed a new role in the CEO office of an investment firm. I am sure the HKUST family, with its close-knit community of students and alumni, will always be there to support me in times of need.

Laurent Ye Canada, Class of 2020
President, MBA Association
Pre-MBA: Senior Business Analyst, Capital One
Post-MBA: CEO Office, Eastspring Investments
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