Sustainable Leadership

At HKUST, we believe in the future of education for a better impact on society and the environment. Lead sustainably, act ethically. Adopt a responsible approach and raise corporates’ accountability to execute sustainable practices.

Sustainable Leadership - Pathway to the Future

Why Should This Matter to You?

Responsible leaders take the lead to shape a sustainable future together. From vision, stakeholder management, to implementation, you will widen your perspectives on how businesses can be operated in a more sustainable manner.

Learn from Industry Practitioners

On topics such as innovations for sustainable products, green finance, supply chain sustainability, and business ethics to embrace mindful and sustainable practices. You will lead corporations to make a positive impact on the world. Here are some sample courses for sustainable leadership:

  • Sustainability Applications in the Corporate World
  • Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage
  • Responsible Leadership and Ethics
  • ESG Investing and Green Finance Strategy for Portfolio Management

*The courses offered may vary each year due to market trends and professional expertise that the school engages with.

Coming from a technical background, I pursued an MBA to better understand the fundamentals of business with a focus on strategy. One of my favorite professors at HKUST was Prof. Chris Doran, a former McKinsey consultant, who taught us strategic approaches to company analysis and the practical frameworks for solving business problems.

The value of the HKUST MBA courses is how they bridge theory with practice. In fact, what I learnt from two of the courses helped me pass the interview and successfully land the role of a data science manager only 9 months after I started my MBA.

Adrien Chenailler France, Class of 2020 Pre-MBA: Supervisor, European Central Bank Post-MBA: Data Science Manager, Gojek
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