The HKUST MBA Distinction

A Global Top 15 MBA

HKUST MBA has been ranked among the top 15 MBA programs in the world by Financial Times from 2010-2016. An MBA stays with you for life - choose a degree that will be recognized no matter where you are.

Expert in Asia and China Business

More than 80% of our graduates work in Asia after completing their MBA. Studying at HKUST gives you the necessary knowledge and networks to grow your career in APAC, which accounts for 55% of global GDP.

Truly International Experience

Study in a cohort of 100 to 120 students, over 90% of whom are non-locals from around 30 countries. Join our exchange program to further enrich your global experience.

A Fast Track Back to the Workforce

Gain what a two-year MBA program offers in just 12 months. If you want to go for an internship or exchange, we also offer a 16-month option which includes both of these two options.

Your Career, Your Focus

Tailor your studies to your career interests. You can focus on any of our five career tracks: General Management in China, Consulting, Finance, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

The Hong Kong Experience

With its East-meets-West ambience, the former British colony of Hong Kong is the ideal landing spot for newcomers to Asia. For Asians, it is the best place to gain a global perspective while staying connected with this fast growing region.

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