Tuition Fee & Expenses

Program Fee

The program fee of the MBA for Professionals (Weekly Part-time Program) is HK$450,000* for the 2019 intake. Items covered by the program fee include tuition, textbooks and course materials for core courses (excluding course materials for electives), and certain self-enrichment activities.

Successful applicants are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of HK$50,000 (approximately US$6,400), which will be deducted from their outstanding program fee. The remainder of the program fee can be paid in two installments.

Students taking part in the one-semester exchange program are required to pay tuition fees to HKUST for the credits earned at the exchange school. Travel and living expenses will vary according to the location of the school and are excluded from the program fee above.

*Subject to University’s final approval

Company Nomination Scheme (CNS)

We invite prestigious companies to join this scheme. Part-time MBA students from the CNS participating companies can enjoy an allowance of HKD 30,000 for the 2019-2020 enrollment. Some of the CNS participating companies are:

  • Damco China Limited Shenzhen Branch
  • HNA Business Services Co., Ltd
  • Intel China Ltd. (Shenzhen)
  • Lenovo Information Products (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd
  • Midea Group
  • Neophotonics (China) Co.,Ltd
  • TCL Group
  • Tencent
  • Wal-Mart China

To obtain this allowance, eligible candidates need to provide a recommendation letter from their companies’ Human Resource Departments. Those who are admitted to our part-time MBA program will receive the allowance, which will be deducted from the tuition fee.

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