World Class Faculty

It takes the best teachers to bring out the best in a student. Our academic faculty boasts some of the best scholars from top global institutions around the world. Representing diverse countries and professional expertises, our elite faculty members can broaden your perspective of global business management and share their sharp business insights about Asia. Our commitment to providing world-class education has won us top place in Asia’s research rankings for 14 consecutive years according to the Financial Times. Some of the below professors teaches the MBA programs*.

Professor Highlight

Prof. Tai-Yuan Chen PhD, University of Texas at Dallas Research focus: Corporate Governance, Disclosure, Executive compensation
Prof. Allen Huang PhD, Duke University Research focus: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Earnings Management, Fintech and Big Data, Machine Learning, Securities Regulation
Prof. Jaideep Sengupta PhD, University at California at Los Angeles, Management Research focus: Consumer Information Processing, Persuasion and Attitude Strength, Effects of Marketing Communications
Prof. Xinyu HuaDBA & MBA,
Harvard Business School
Research focus: Industrial Organization, Law and Economics, Contract Theory
Prof. Caroline Wang Former Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Information Officer, IBM
Msc, Harvard University
Course: Managerial Communication
Ms. Pamela Mar EVP, Supply Chain Futures, Fung Academy and Director, Sustainability, Fung Group
MSc, The London School of Economics and Political Science
Course: Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage

Other institutions represented by our faculty (partial list):
Berkeley, Chicago, Cornell, Fudan, Harvard, INSEAD, Oxford, Princeton

It’s not just the subject they teach, but the engaging and effective way in which they teach it. The faculty are really outstanding. I really enjoyed studying the real-life examples and case studies in class, which helped me understand both the theories and their practical application to my work. The faculty’s experience in their respective disciplines really impressed me. The learning curve was far beyond my expectations.

Louis VaronaClass of 2016 Solution Architect, Schneider Electric
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