Student Stories


Top Choice – Danny Sit

What attracted you to HKUST?

HKUST has a very good reputation, especially for its MBA, and the faculty and program are similar to those I was used to in the US. I was particularly struck by the energy of its MBA Director Prof. Steve DeKrey. He is so proactive in interacting with prospective students and really focuses on making the program one of the best in Asia. He is also a Northwestern alumnus, which immediately gave me a sense of connection!

Have your expectations been met?

Yes. I entered the program with an aim to pick up new knowledge related to my daily work or according to my interest. HKUST’s wide range of courses has enabled me to do this. I have taken marketing, negotiation, venture capital, finance, and China business, among others. What’s more, I am able to apply right away what I have learnt in my job, such as negotiating a business contract or reading a balance sheet.


What about the faculty?

HKUST has a lot of well-respected professors, many from the US. Their courses are well structured, and they know how to ask questions and lead a discussion. Many have background experience in the subjects and I found that to be inspirational. One of my favorites is Prof. Larry Franklin, who teaches “Private Equity and Venture Capital”. He is a really smart guy with a passion for what he does. He never stops asking you to think more, which I really like.

Do you learn from your classmates as well?

HKUST MBA students often work in groups, which have been carefully chosen to bring different types of people together. My group of 12 includes people from the government, banking, and telecommunications. I very much enjoy the diverse input this provides.

In addition, there are opportunities to take classes with full-time MBA students, including those from overseas and Mainland China, and international exchange students. People from all over the world are drawn to HKUST, making it a unique place.

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