Student Stories


Jump Start – Jennifer Man, Class 2008

“A great introduction to the excitement and challenges that lie ahead in the next two years…”

“My part-time MBA kicks off with the Residential Program, which is definitely a unique experience and one I enjoyed very much. For a start, students on the Hong Kong program were joined by those on the Shenzhen MBA, creating a class of over 200! I also met my study group  -  the people who will travel with me throughout my MBA journey  -  for the first time. Members of my group had different education and work experiences, yet we were immediately set to work as a team, tackling several case studies and presentations within a limited timeframe. During the Residential Program, we were able to become familiar with the concepts and skills that would be required on the MBA program. In addition, I learnt a tremendous amount about myself, my teammates and fellow classmates.

“However, the challenges did not stop there. Up next was the Experiential Learning Practice (ELP). This served as a practical extension to the Residential Program, providing an opportunity to apply the theories and knowledge we just learned from our earlier lectures to a real-life scenario. It went way beyond physical capabilities  -  and my expectations! I gained a great deal, especially in relation to team leadership and management, which I have already been able to apply in my daily work as a consultant.

“All in all, the Residential Program and ELP were a great introduction to the excitement, challenges, and intense experiences that lie ahead in the next two years of my MBA life.”