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Meeting Point – Idy Lam

Idy, a DHL global account manager, wanted an MBA experience not only to enrich her business knowledge but also enable her to meet more people and build new networks.

What made you apply to HKUST?

Referrals from friends. HKUST’s image was fresh and modern. I got an impression that its MBA students and alumni work hard and play hard. This appealed to me and sounded a great way to get to know many different people.

How important was networking to you?

It was one of my main objectives. I really enjoy meeting new people and exchanging experiences so student profile was a key factor when I chose my MBA. At HKUST, I have found many sociable students like myself. However, the program’s extensive group work, which mixes different personalities together, has also shown me that quieter classmates may share similar thinking, enabling us to become friends.

Did you find it difficult to get to know people?

No! There are over 100 students in my intake and, being proactive in initiating contact, I soon got to know everyone! I started with my own group of around 10 people. Then I jumped in and introduced myself to other groups. By the end of the first day, I already knew quite a number. Participating in activities has helped too. I have co-organized a class BBQ and taken part in golf days. Currently, I am helping to arrange an Easter study tour to Shanghai. Out of school, I have traveled to Bali with a group of classmates, and have been to Harbin with another fellow student.


Do you have chance to meet people outside your class?

Of course. HKUST brings you into contact with its other MBA intakes as well. One of the courses I took last year, for instance, was popular with overseas exchange students. These students are always easy to talk to and enjoy going for drinks after class. I found meeting them really good – like an international exchange while still in Hong Kong – and I am still in contact with some. Another example is the Shanghai study tour which should see full-time, Year 1 and Year 2 part-time students traveling together.

How has HKUST networking been beneficial?

There are a number of HKUST alumni at DHL, which has enabled me to establish a rapport with these colleagues. It has also assisted me with clients. For example, I took a customer to lunch and as we discussed MBAs I discovered she was a HKUST alumna. The relationship clicked instantly.

Even I am not graduated yet, I have been joining some alumni activities and I think this will be a good way of keeping in contact with other students and alumni.

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