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4 ways an MBA can transform your career

With the likes of the former President of Wal-Mart China as faculty and a highly selective pool of executives as classmates, HKUST MBA offers you a world class business education for the next stage of your career.

Find out how our program serves as a catalyst for growth for our alumni.



Sammy Zhou, Class of 2012

Pre-MBA: Associate, Morgan Stanley
Current: Vice President, Morgan Stanley

“In early 2011, I was promoted to my current position, in which I have taken on a lot more responsibilities, including leading global strategic initiatives and managing a team triple in size.

The timing of my promotion allowed me to apply my MBA learning immediately to new challenges at work. One of the most important parts of my job is to handle people and projects, and this was exactly what I was doing on a weekly basis throughout the program.

My MBA also required me to work with a team of cross-functional executives on group projects and presentations. Because of all the practice I had at school, I was able to increase my confidence and awareness of potential issues in managing people and projects at work.”

Simon Koo, Class of 2012

Pre-MBA: Assistant Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Current: Senior Associate, The Boston Consulting Group

“As I progressed along my career and assumed more responsibilities, I realized I needed a broader sense of business understanding on top of my expertise in finance and accounting in order to bring my career to the next level. To me, an MBA has been a shortcut to that achievement, which would otherwise take 5 to 7 years of on-the-job experience.

The program has enabled me to get a better sense of how different business areas fit together. It has also prepared me for my current role as a consultant where I have to help my clients solve complex business challenges by delving into a wide range of topics, from business strategy and organization management to marketing, sales and corporate finance.”

Irene Mak, Class of 2012

Pre-MBA: Assistant Manager – Logistics, NWS Holdings Ltd
Current: Manager – Logistics, NWS Holdings Ltd

“My first degree was in engineering, so the MBA offered me a much needed boost in business knowledge and soft skills. These have become increasingly important for me as I manage investments in infrastructure projects at NWS.

I also gained a lot of insights into my own strengths and weaknesses. For example, I am less a “warrior” and more a “visionary” so I know which leadership style fits me best. I believe my decision to take an MBA and pursue personal development throughout the program has helped me to get recognition from my supervisors and peers, as well as a promotion to Manager earlier this year.”

Johny Seet, Class of 2011

Pre-MBA: Systems Engineer – Information Technology Service, Li & Fung
Current: Business Solution Analyst, Information Technology Service, Li & Fung

“One year into my MBA studies, I switched from a purely technical role to a business-oriented position at my company, serving as a bridge between our business and technical teams with the aim of accelerating business growth and reducing operational costs.

I found the diverse and quality peer network in the MBA program, as well as the business knowledge and mindset I acquired there, to be most beneficial to my development.

Working on projects with my classmates from China and India taught me how to collaborate more effectively when I deal with company colleagues from our offshore offices in those emerging regions. The intensive business training in the MBA also helped me to strengthen my analytical thinking and confidence when I tackle different business issues.”


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