Student Activities

Events at different scales introduce newcomers to the MBA community. Engage with business professionals from various domains and backgrounds. Participation in student activities will enrich your experience and lead you to make new friendships outside the classroom.

  • Student Mixers
  • Alumni Sharing
  • Student & Alumni Events


Student Insight Hub

Sharing is empowering. At HKUST, we believe in the power of collaborative learning. Engage in peer-to-peer sharing sessions catered for part-time MBA students’ interests. Benefit from the opportunity to learn from seasoned practitioners in the field on topics including AI, digital marketing, and more.

Alumni Sharing Series

Be inspired by senior alumni who share their ambitions and first-hand experiences with you. Be the topics on career acceleration through the MBA or industry insights from senior executive’s point of view, the selfless contribution from our alumni nurtures MBA elites, it fosters a sustainable and supportive MBA community.

Note: Student activities are subject to change and reviewed on a yearly basis.


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