Experiential Learning

At HKUST, we ensure that you apply what you learn in the workplace. A number of our courses are based on experiential learning, which requires you to work with actual companies in real-world situations. Here are some examples:

Enhancing Professional Skills (EPS)

To nurture our students as future business leaders, our professors with expertise in consulting, marketing, finance and management will deliver the winning secrets they have gained from writing effective executive summaries, making persuasive elevator pitches, presenting financial data logically, and marketing business proposals. These are essential skill sets needed to excel in the MBA program.

Management Consulting

This course is taught by a former consultant from McKinsey & Co with over 20 years of professional experience, and will provide you with the key skills that management consultants require to solve business problems. You will learn how to frame and structure problems, brainstorm solutions, decide on recommendations, and create a powerful story to communicate them.

Business Case Competition

Entrepreneurship and design thinking are part of the vision of our program: we encourage our students to acquire the necessary skill sets by participating in various Business Case Competitions held at University level. Students form their own teams to take part in competitions such as the HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition and the Fosun Technopreneur Competition. This gives students a great opportunity to sharpen their business acumen and gain valuable feedback while overcoming the challenges involved in building a practical business case.

Luxury Strategy

It is a hands-on course that requires students to work in teams on a real-world marketing project with a luxury brand, which included Kenzo and CÉLINE in the past. The course addresses the unique properties, opportunities, and challenges of the luxury industry by studying issues relevant to the field in various aspects of the business. You will have the unique opportunity to interact with senior executives from the brand as they give you feedback on your research and recommendations, and guide you to understand their brand strategy and implementation.

Managing Diversity in Business Organizations

Sponsored by Goldman Sachs, this course will provide you with the skills to understand diversity issues in an ever-changing and increasingly globalized business world. The focus will be on gender, LGBT, and mixed abilities, although the same principles also apply to race, religion, and age. In this course, one of the first of its kind in Asia, you will learn how to effectively manage a diverse workforce and create a more inclusive working environment.

Enhancing Professional Skills (EPS) is an intensive course that trains us to deliver impactful business presentations, from making a winning elevator pitch, solving business problems effectively, presenting persuasive marketing and financial data, to standing strong in Q&A. By focusing on one component at a time, presenting with competence and confidence has never been easier. These skills are highly relevant and practical in my career. I liked the way the course ended with a case competition that allowed us to immediately apply our learning. It was a week full of caffeine, fun and learning that will last a lifetime.

Dorothy PunClass of 2018General Manager, Li & Fung Limited
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