Student Stories


Staying Relevant in Asia – Lambert Wang

Class of 2016 (China)
Pre-MBA: Associate, BX Capital (China)
Post-MBA: Associate, Goldman Sachs (China)

Deciding which MBA to enroll

There were a lot of factors I took into consideration when deciding where to do my MBA, but the final two that mattered most were where I wanted to continue develop my career post-MBA, and the key skills and elements I needed to achieve my long-term career goal. The answers for these two questions were apparent to me – I wanted to continue my career in Greater China and I needed to increase my international exposure while staying on top of what was going on around Asia.

All this made HKUST a natural choice. HKUST taught me everything I needed to know about the Asia and China markets from a global perspective that was both creative and comprehensive, making me feel that I had never left the marketplace and was learning new knowledge I could directly plug back into my post-MBA career.

Rewarding MBA experiences - sleepless nights 

One of the highlights of my MBA journey was definitely the case competition with my classmates. As a team of four, we joined the Hult case competition, and even though it was a grueling three months of preparation, it was one of the best times of my MBA experience. Each day was a process of challenging ourselves for better ideas, there was a lot of open and honest feedback about each other’s ideas; it was truly a new experience for me to be constantly challenged and exposed to new ideas and knowledge every day.

Another memorable moment during this time of preparation was the mock presentation before the day of the competition. It was very touching to see a lot of classmates sacrificing their time that they could have spent in preparing for job interviews or their own case competitions, but instead coming to listen to our presentation. We received a great deal of constructive comments and suggestions. Even when I look back now, I’m so grateful to be able to own an MBA experience that has so many precious moments like these. It’s definitely a snapshot of what you can expect to experience during the HKUST MBA.

Exchange at Kellogg

In the last semester of my MBA program, I went to Kellogg School of Management for exchange. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable time. Faculty and students were all very friendly and open in helping my fit in. It gave me a boost of confidence as well as I compared the quality of HKUST’s faculty and courses to another world-class MBA program.

Post-MBA reflection and my advice for prospect candidates

My post-MBA plans had always been to return to the finance industry. HKUST MBA’s brand name and network certainly helped me gain exposure to multiple powerhouses in the industry. It was especially crucial that our alumni were all very helpful and thoughtful in supporting us with their advice throughout the process of applying & interviewing for internships and full-time positions.

 If I had one piece of advice to share with my fellow mainland Chinese prospect candidates, it would be to decide early on where you want to work post-MBA. One strength you already have is certainly your existing knowledge and network in mainland China which is becoming the powerhouse of world economy, so why wouldn’t want to continue to leverage upon this advantage? If this is your line of thought, then it would be important to enroll into an MBA program that can continue to help you build upon this strength by equipping you with a global perspective about Asia, with the latest know-how that is put in the right context and most importantly, a relevant network within this region.

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