Student Stories


Singapore Career Trek – Susan Yu


Class of 2012 (China)
Pre-MBA: Senior Auditor and Engagement Leader, Ernst & Young (China)
Post-MBA: Associate Director, Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore)

“My decision to do an MBA in Hong Kong came naturally, as it would allow me to stay close to my family in China while getting a good international experience. I was longing for more global mobility in my career and found Hong Kong to be a great stepping stone for getting in touch with the outside world.

Indeed, I connected with the HR team at Standard Chartered through the Singapore career trek during the MBA. The HR executive shared my resume with the hiring managers within the company. Later, I was approached for an internship position in Singapore, which was converted into a full-time position upon my MBA graduation.

I am now working in the transition banking department, which oversees the product management area across all global markets. My job scope includes setting up a new branch office and exploring different product opportunities. Coming from an accounting background, the practical business knowledge and skills I gained in the MBA have been pivotal in transforming the way I think and approach challenges.

For example, I learned how to use frameworks developed by top consultant firms like BCG to analyze market situations and project future growth. Courses like Global Macroeconomics also showed me how to predict the ways in which subtle changes in different economies influenced businesses. These have proven to be extremely helpful in designing financial products and convincing my boss to adopt my ideas.”

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